Greetings foreign gastrotourists!

Thanks for dropping by this blog, written by a restaurant critic, who is also a gastrotourist and used to be a cook, many years ago.

My background is a position as food & wine editor with the danish financial newspaper Børsen, where I have written reviews of app. 450 restaurants since 2001. This, combined with my short career as a cook in 1979-83, has given me an insight to the industry that is helpful when it comes to pointing out places of interest.

During the years I have visited many world famous restaurants abroad. I have always looked for other good, local restaurants and often had difficulties in this regard, leading to wasting valuable appetite on meidocre establishments.

That’s why I am writing this simple blog, to share with you visitors my knowledge, to help you make the most of a visit in Denmark. To point you in the direction of some fine restaurants in the style of Noma, and others with all together different personalities, but never the less much worthy of a visit. Not forgetting the simpler restaurants, especially the ones serving delicious, oldfashioned danish smørrebrød which has had a renaissance lately.

There is no doubt, that Noma is the most interesting restaurant in Denmark and the very engine in the exciting gastronomic development Denmark is seeing these years. But the country has a lot more to offer, this I know for sure as my job is to tour the land and find the best restaurants for the readers of Børsen. And since I have this knowledge, and since you most likely do not read danish newspapers, I have chosen to offer my advice in this blog.

The work is now in progress. I hope it may be of some use, and that you will have a good appetite during your visit!

Ole Troelsø

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