My favourite Copenhagen gourmet restaurants – alphabetically listed

  • AOC – modern avantgarde, luxurious setting, great service
  • Era Ora – finest italian restaurant in Scandinavia, fantastic wine list
  • Formel B – true to the style of french luxury restaurants but modern (closed for refurbishment in january, will open in february with new concept).
  • Geranium – avantgardistic, luxurious and comfortable with Danmarks highest decorated chef, Rasmus Kofoed
  • Kokkeriet – avantgarde, small and luxurious, modern, great service
  • Kong Hans – the Rolls Royce of danish haute cuisine, a true classic
  • Mielcke & Hurtigkarl – flowers, wild ideas, very inspired
  • Nimb Herman – luxurious, extremely precise updated version of danish classics
  • Noma – avantgarde nordic, the countrys most interesting mitchen in a charming, rustic but elegant setting
  • Restaurationen – personal, authentic french/classic danish style
  • Søllerød Kro – luxurious, historical inn serving french haute cuisine

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