Supersharp modern nordic fusion cuisine

Restaurant Relæ was established last year by chef Christian Puglisi, who partnered up with Kim Rossen, both worked at Noma.

Relæs food is clearly inspired by Noma technique and “tradition”, focusing on local ingredients. But things as olive oil is not banned here, for one thing Puglisi was born in Sicily, but apart from that the kitchen is not strictly nordic, you may find exotic products like dates and citrus fruits, as well as italian cheese on the menu. This makes it tempting to use the “fusion” term, allthough the main part of the ingredients are indeed nordic.

The interior is smart and attractive, but very simple and the seating is rather confined, in the classic bistrostyle, but in a very modern design. The service is kept to a minimum, you pour your own wine and find cutlery in a drawer under your table. But the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

There is much attention to vegetables and you can choose between a regular menu or a vegetarian. Both choices will be delicious and expertly prepared.
Winelist is dominated by “vin naturel”, and as such challenging.

Relæ is a bistro style eatery not to be missed, this is gastronomically speaking a modern haute cuisine in a very pure, simple form.

Link to my review, with pictures:

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