The new Paustian serving the old danish kitchen. Great!

Bo Jacobsen is the chef behind new restaurant at Paustian, one of the most exciting openeings in a long time. Please note, that the fomer version of Paustian was run by another gentleman named Bo, with the surname Bech.
Bo Bechs kitchen was avantgarde, where as Bo Jacobsens is strictly classic danish. No, not nordic, but danish!

The food cooked at the new Paustian are dishes that housewifes used to make on a daily basis 20-50 years ago or perhaps longer. I remember these dishes, from when I grew up in the 1960-ies but never – never! – have I tasted them so exquisitely done.

Traditional danish food – as I learned to cook it during my classes at the national cooking school in late 70 earli 80’es – was never considered a thing to prepare with the same perfection, as the french cuisine we were learning at those years gourmet restaurants. At those places the traditional danish food was mostly laughed at.

But with the new interest for a nordic cuisine, which by the way is a new invention, there has been created room for a new take on traditional danish food. The first to play with this genre in a big and bold way was chef Thomas Herman, who runs restaurant Nimb Herman, a Michelin 1 star in Tivoli.

The new restaurant Paustian is not aimed at the gourmet 1 star sphere, as already mentioned. From the present menu, examples are pan fried heering, cod salad, pot roasted pheasant, fried veal liver, bread pudding and ice cream. The wine list is impressing, 500 bottles of quality wines to choose from.

Bo Jacobsen and wife Lisbeth also runs the gourmet restaurant Restaurationen and a super winebar in center of Copenhagen. Their new restaurant is a 10-15 minutes taxidrive from center, in an harbour, inside an Utzon designed building hosting an upscale design furniture shop.

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