Danish superchef wants gold at Bocuse d’Or

Rasmus Kofoed has taken bronze (2005) and silver (2007) at unofficial culinary world cup, Bocuse d’Or. Many people believe he should have won the gold in 2007, as the french contestant Fabrice Desvignes seemed to have cheated by receiving prepared elements on the sly.

I was present during the competiton and saw a very calm, controlled Kofoed, and a very stressed Desvignes, who did not look like a winner during the competition. So I buy the scam-theory, but not everyone does. Amongst these are probably many high ranked Bocuse d’Or officials. They may be hard to get around.

Bottomline is, that Kofoed is a fantastic chef, the greatest competiton chef Denmark has ever had.

His restaurant Geranium (geranium.dk) is mentioned elsewhere in this blog, and it is a place not to miss, when visiting Copenhagen. Here you will meet a modern, light and very elegant gastronomy involving a great deal of vegetables, served in a unique, luxurious setting.

More about Rasmus Kofoed: http://www.bocusedor.dk/

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