Rasmus Kofoed won gold!

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In his third attempt Rasmus Kofoed managed to win the most prestigious gastronomic prize in the world, The Bocuse d’Or. Second came Sweden and third Norway, so it is safe to say that the nordic cuisine is on top of the world these days.

I must admit, that I did not think it possible Rasmus would win. I never doubted that his talent could last all the way to the top, this I am convinced after having followed him closely all the way through his career. From the first attempt to win the danish chefs championship and till he suceeded. I was there when he won the bronze statue in 2005 and the silver in 2007, where he should have won gold.

In the months after Rasmus made a lot of noise about this, and I sincerely thought this would bar him from returning in this competition and leaving from the top spot. I am so happy I was wrong – thumbs up to the Bocuse organization – because Rasmus Kofoed deserves this victory so much. His determination and preparation was tremendous and he is one fantastic chef.

Make sure to check out his restaurant in Copenhagen, http://www.geranium.dk.

Check this slideshow with pictures from the competition: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulteriorepicure/sets/72157625906467038/with/5391782410/

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