Outside danish gastronomy

Hello again! Have some catching up to do, as I was away 3 weeks, during which my reviews hit the newspaper but I did not manage to do the english short versions for this blog.
I was in LA and Hawai, in LA I met with Jonathan Gold, a very insightful and friendly gentleman who gave me useful information. I followed in his footprints at Red Medicine in Beverly Hills, where I met a very interesting vietnamese inspired kitchen, with a few – i think – glimpses of the NOMA philosophy.
The best was perhaps the brussel sprouts! I know it sounds strange, but even though everything was delicate and with many personal twists, those sprouts were fantastic. Also I was very impressed with the desserts, but check out Jonathan Golds review.
He pointed me to Roys Restaurant in Honolulu, where the chain started. Nice it was, but I was more impressed with the food and especially the ambiance at Moana Surfrider. Cheeseburgers in Paradise was so-so and I must admit, that I also visited The Cheesecake Factory, and had s p l e n d i d tuna and the avocado spring rolls I just can’t help ordering.
I sailed LA-Hawai on M/S Queen Victoria, where the food and service at restaurant Todd English is very, very good. The Queens Grill restaurant has similar service, not as fine food, but very decent, The Brittania restaurant is one step down in quality, but considering they are serving hundres of meals at once, I am impressed.
Back in LA I visited food trucks, that was fun! But I did not have enough time to try more than a few, and the best of these was Indiana Jones (indiajoneschowtruck.blogspot.com).
Nuff said, this is not a blog about LA or Hawaii, just thought I’d share a little.

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