Girlpower in danish chef and waiter championships

Two of the best restaurants in the danish provinces was victorious in the most important national championships for chefs and waiters, held this weekend on 26.-27. february.

Chef of the year 2011 is Mette Hvarre Gasner from the sharp Restaurant Ti Trin Ned ( in sleepy town Fredericia (Jutland, 2 hours drive from Århus, one hour from Odense on Fyn).

Poached monkfish with seafoam, leek and tarragonbutter, parsley potatoes, apples and foie gras, herp oil.

Waiter of the year 2011 is Anita Kajhøj Ibsen from the beautiful hotel Molskroen (, situated by the beach in Ebeltoft (1 hour from Århus, Jylland).

Both ladies are well known for their professional skills and the restaurants they represent are in the Michelin 1 star class, even though the Michelin guide does not visit the danish provinces. Which is a shame…

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