Noma is still No. 1

It is 2 am in London and I am going to bed while the Noma-crew and many others are partying hard, which they should. What they have achieved is monumental and René Redzepi is more and more getting in to the role of a a gastronomic statesman, respected and full of wellearned, friendly self confidence….

Bo Bech is back.

Geist slideshow He ran the Michelinstarred restaurant Paustian until last year, and withdrew for a while. Now the very artistic, super talented chef is back with a more accesible, relaxed restaurant where the ambiance is loose but the food sharp as ever. The restaurant is called Geist, and it is full of it. Choose between…

Vote for Rene Redzepi!

Rene Redzepi is a candidate on the Time 100 list, where also Grant Achatz appears. Cast a vote for Redzepi, please.