An american in Copenhagen

I am showing my american colleague some copenhagen culinary highlights. He arrives wednesday and have to leave friday morning. We will be busy. Very busy. Not hungry.

The only non-gastronomic stop, inside an installation at Louisiana art museum.

We start at 19.00 with snacks at magnificent The Paul (1 Michelin *) in Tivoli gardens, one of my absolute favourite places to lean back and enjoy life. This place is dogma free and all about having fun and eating extremely well, chef Paul Cunningham is the heart and soul, leading a team of very gifted and enthusiastic people in this deluxe eatery, where cosy meet elegance.

Snacks at The Paul

We continue 20.30 at restaurant Nimb Herman, 1 Michelin * and one of the most elegant top restaurants in Denmark. Chef Thomas Herman is one of the most innovative, yet classic gastronomes on the scene today. He has played a very important role in bringing the classic danish cuisine up to new heights.
We planned to have only a few courses, and then head to Relæ for a bite. But the dishes kept on coming, and time flies when you are having fun…

It is 22.30 before we retire, and Relæ is now out of the question. To be continued thursday morning. “I’ll pick you up at 11. Don’t eat breakfast,” I warn my american pal..

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