An american in Copenhagen. At forbidden breakfast.

I told my american colleague not to eat breakfast, and of course he didn’t listen.

Early thursday morning he is spotted by chef Thomas Herman, eating none less than three pieces of wienerbrød. That is what the rest of the world calls “danish”.

The version most bakers around Denmark sell is of a low quality, made with cheap fluor and margarine, eggs from cage chicken and so on.

The only wienerbrød worth mentioning is from a few small artisan bakers in Copenhagen, like Det rene brød in Kronprinsessegade and Meyers Deli and the fantastic bakery chain Emmerys. Plus – strangely enough – Andersen Bakery.

Even though the bakery is named after the famous author, it is a japanese chain, that opened in many countries around the world, before they finally ventured into Denmark, a few years ago. And thanks for that, they really showed us how proper wienerbrød should be done. They can be trusted!

And the ones they serve at Nimb hotel are of course also made with real butter etcetera, so it is a shame to miss out on.
But my american colleague knows not, what’s in store for him during the rest of the day.

He’ll be soor-ry…..

"Danish" - locally called wienerbrød. This particular shot is from Andersen bakery in Nimb, Tivoli. Probably the finest version of danish you will find!