Classic danish food in the refined style

“You should consider, that gluttony is not considered a virtue by everybody. It’s not like saying “I sponsor a child in Africa,” when you tell the waiter we just had 20 courses at Noma this afternoon,” said my american pal.

A beautiful danish classic, asparagus with tiny shrimps. By Bo Jacobsen.

Well, I believe in small measures of honesty, especially since I am very fond of restaurant Paustian, where we went directly after leaving Noma. In everydady live i would NOT go to Paustian after having had lunch at Noma. But since my colleague was only here for 36 hours, I could not miss the chance to expose him to the kitchen of Bo Jacobsen at Paustian.

Jacobsen is a real hero in danish gastronomy, a unique personality who has done a lot to preserve the traditions and keep people on their toes.
I will not write more about him here, as this restaurant was covered in this post:

When visiting Copenhagen, you should not deny yourself the chance to experience real danish kitchen in the refined style, which is what you get at Paustian and very few other places. It is as rare as a pink dolphin in the mexican gulf.

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