Dragsholm Slot: Nordic terroir cuisine at historic castle in the countryside

A historical building containing cutting edge modern nordic gastronomy

The gourmet restaurant of the old castle, Dragsholm Slot, is recognized as ranking among the finest in the country, fronted by chef Claus Henriksen (ex Noma). Last year there was an addition, as Dragsholm established a more relaxed eatery, which on warm days can be enjoyed outside.

The quality of the food is high and follows the guidelines from the gourmet restaurant. You can experience local produce from the vicinities, cooked with the same care as would be expected, although in a more simple form.

The castle is an hours drive from Copenhagen, so you should stay a while. Maybe not as long as the ealt of Bothwell (who was under suspicion of killing the husband of Mary Stuart, queen of Scots) who spent 5 years chained in the dungeons. But do stay the night, and grant yourself both lunch, dinner and then breakfast.

Dragsholm Slot lies in the Lammefjorden area, famous for growing some of the very finest vegetables in Denmark. It is quite close to the ferry connecting Sjælland and Jylland, so if you are planning to cover the city of Århus – where the restaurants Malling & Schmidt plus Frederikshøj reigns the gastronomic scene – Dragsholm could fittingly be included in your itinerary.

See my review from dagbladet Børsen at: http://pleasure.dk/gourmet/artikel/209805/udkants-gastronomi_paa_middelalderslot.html

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