Nordic cuisine Godfather turns to smørrebrød and other lunch treats

Erwin Lauterbach paved the way for the new nordic cuisine back in 1981, at restaurant Saison. Here he insisted on using local vegetables in his gourmet restaurant, at a time where everybody else (really, everybody else) were looking to the french.
We cooked mangetout peas, he cooked beetroot. We focused on meat and fish, he created vegetable alternatives in the gourmet menu.

Smørrebrød from Lumskebugten; Kartoffelmad (potatosandwich) and griserulle (pork roll)

All the way through different waves, Erwin Lauterbach held his ground, kept to the nordic ingredients and educated dozens of todays top chefs.

He is the man, and he is still going strong, at the gourmet restaurant Saison. Now he has expanded the business by buying one of the most charming old restaurants in Copenhagen; Lumskebugten.

It is situated by the harbour, in a maritime setting with an antique feel to it. Here you can find a small selection of fantastic smørrebrød, in a simple yet convincing style. Plus classic lunch dishes and vegetarian dishes of top quality.

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