Worlds finest Hotdogs!

Photo: Thorkild Amdi

The Børsen Hotdog Challenge is a competition, where chefs and ordinary street vendors compete in various hotdog categories.

Michelinstarred chefs, classic haute cuisine chefs, young nordic chefs and many more take the challenge, and deliver fantastic hotdogs in terrific gourmet quality.

Turbot/crayfisk/brioche/caviar by Wassim Hallal. Photo: Thorkild Amdi

2009 winner was chef Wassim Hallal from restaurant Frederikshøj in the city of Århus. He mixed langoustine and turbot in a deep fried sausage, served in a brioche bun with oysterremoulade and sturgeon caviar.

Wassim Hallals 2010 Hotdog featuring Wagyu meat and truffle. Photo: Ari Mikael Zelenko.

2010 winner was Michelinstar chef Paul Cunningham featuring The Tokyo Blade Runner Dog, made with confit de canard, crispy seaweed and more.

Børsen Hotdog Challenge 2010 will be held in Århus on september 4th.

More pictures:

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