Mother – sourdough pizza in Copenhagen

I reviewed restaurant Mother previously and was very enthusiastic about this new, very rustic place serving sourdough pizza and other italian fare. Tonight I revisited the place, and was not as thrilled, although I would still recommend the place because of the good tastes and nice, relaxed athmosphere.

I had antipasti, thin slices of good Parma type ham, salame, grilled aubergine and courgette plus pickled onien and a naan-type bread. One pizza with gorgonzola, which almost made a bassin on the pizza, so of course there was no crunchyness.
The next pizza was to the other side, it had not had enough heat, so the mozzarella was kind’a tough.

In general the pizza crust is rather thick (not like pan pizza though) and not all that crunchy – but this is not a problem, it’s a style and I like it, although my favorite is still the classic Napoli style with very thin crust, as served in La Vecchia Signora.

But I like the relaxed, modern atmosphere at Mother, you do not at all feel you are on a Hollywood movie set, where everything is designed to look italian.
Mother is rough, cracks in the wall etcetera, as expected in this part of town which is Kødbyen, the old meatpacking district.

My review:

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