Magic athmosphere at Kadeau, Bornholm island

Restaurant Kadeau in the sunset.

Restaurant Kadeau is a young restaurant, unique in the sense that it is situated on a small island where gourmet food is not to be expected, nor has it been experienced very often.

Veal sweetbread with greens from the restaurants area. A merry explosion of taste and textures.

This has changed, as Kadeau offers a regional, nordic inspired kitchen of a very high quality. It is creative, based on exquisite craftmanship and fine ingredients, many from the island or around.

Kadeu is situated at the beach, bordering a large tree plantation which is home to a large number of small summer cottages. There are no white table cloths and the toilet is outside the restaurant, all very simple. But the place is clean and smart, the wine glasses good as is the wine.

A Bornholm classic on acid and Fontex "Herring and potatoes"

To ride the bicycle down there in the warm sumer night, savouring the large tasting menu with all its surprises and delicacy, watch the beachgoers retreat as the sun goes down, being looked after by sympathetic waiters – it was close to feel like magic…

There is a very modest B&B in Pedersker a few kilometers away. A taxi from Rønne will cost you 400-500 kr./25 minutes each way.
Slideshow with snapshots from my evening at Kadeau:

Review in danish:

Kadeau site:

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