Mad Foodcamp symposium programme

The detailed programme for Mad Foodcamp is ready.

The plant kingdom is at the centre of this first version of the MAD Foodcamp, which will also include an international symposium featuring experts from across the globe including a number of the world’s most renowned chefs who will discuss and experiment with all things vegetable during the two festival days.

I look forward to hearing what the many brillant foodies has to say!

Mad Foodcamp symposium

Saturday 27th August

René Redzepi
An Introduction

Tor Nørretranders
From Wild to Tame – and Back Again

Miles Irving
Wild Flavours of England

Daniel Patterson
A Short History of The Beet

Yoshihiro Narisawa
Food Culture in Japan / SATOYAMA & Reconstruction After Earthquake Disaster

Hans Herren
Food Systems of the Future: Why & How They will be Different from Today’s

Kamal Mouzawak
Make Food not War

Iñaki Aizpitarte
Coquina et Naturali Vinorum

Thomas Harttung
Urban Food Systems

Magnus Nilsson
Fäviken: How we do the Things that we do

Jacqueline McGlade
Copenhagen is Buzzing: Bees, Cities & Our Common Future

Ben Shewry
The Cycle of Love

Sunday 28 th August

Stefano Mancuso
The Unexpected Plant – Beyond the Animal Model

Alex Atala
Insects & Plants: Together for Life

Francois Couplan
Wild Plants & Culinary Creativity

Massimo Bottura
Never Stop Planting

Søren Wiuff
All that We Eat has Been Alive

Molly Jahn
How Good Food Can Save Our Planet

Michel Bras
Vivre la Cuisine

Harold McGee
The Flavours of Plant Life

David Chang
Food Microbiology: an Overlooked Frontier

Andoni Aduriz
Natural & Cultural Ecosystems

Gaston Acurio
The Power of Food

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