Michel Bras Vivre la Cuisine

The green veteran, Michel Bras, is preparing his presentation. Arranging a big pile of vegetables, seemingly a pile but in reality a meticolusly arranged decoration.
Two nordic giants, Eivind Hellstrøm and Mathias Dahlgren are among the few seated early, eager to hear the maestro.

Redzepi shows a picture from 1985 of a Bras dish that became some kind of school internationally; greens and flowers arranged like a painting.
Since creating Maison Bras, he has been a foraging chef, demanding fresh supplies and always concentrating on local suppliers and foraging in his near surroundings.
He invented the chocolat coulant cake with floating inside, he served desserts with milk skin in the 1970’es etc.
He has focused on including so called ordinary elements in his cuisine, more than relying solely on sole, caviar and so on.

The crowd goes wild with applause as he takes the stage.

He talks about the importance of using everything, not throwing stuff away, that can be used, as “it is a crime to society.” He takes the leafs of a brocolli and boils it slightly. The stem is cut thin and sauteed in olive oil.

Michel Bras is known to change his recipes all the time, and this seems to startle Redzepi whos asks the maybe most interesting question of the conference; does the chef or the recipe do the magic? Answer is the chef, and furthermore, Bras does not want to be called “chef” and regarded a semigod.

Redzepi appears a bit discomfortable, especially when Bras is going far beyond his time slot, Michel Bras has overstayed it with 30 minutes. The interpretator remarks on this, and Redzepi answers that he wants to see the dish finished and:
“I’m not gonna throw Michel Bras of the stage. He is the boss!” says Redzepi.
Bras says, he is happy to see whats happening in the gastroworld today, as it rhymes on his ideas, which were for a long time not accepted.

“We must never forget we are marchands de bonheur, “merchants of happiness.” We must be happy ourselves,” says 65 year old Bras.

Michel Bras is awesome, and his ideas were 20-30 years ahead of him. Redzepi is awesome, because he shows Bras respect by bringing him to this venue.

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