Danish Hotdog Championships

These hot dogs are serious business!

In the Danish Hotdog Championships the traditional category was won by Rene Christensen of Trianglens Pølser in Silkeborg

The gourmet category was won by Michelinstarred chef Paul Cunningham from The Paul in Tivoli Gardens.

Paul Cunningham was victorius with his Baack in Blaack hotdog.

An amazing amalgamation of deep boudin noir, rillette de porc, organic pork farcié, herbs and spices, lovingly enriched with beautiful creamy lardo. Get close to the sausage at Pauls blog:

Hotdog King (for selling most hotdogs in this Red Cross charity event) was gourmet chef Wassim Hallal of restaurant Frederikshøj.

It was indeed a tasteful day and once again a fine showcase of hotdogs at their very best!

Check out one of the judges pictures here.
Pictures by Lasse Göerlitz

Hotdog championships Facebook pages:
Hotdog pages at Facebook

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