Restaurant critics yearly award

Each year the most influential danish restaurant reviewers meet to discuss what was the best meal they had during the year gone by. It ends up in five dishes in categories first, second course and dessert.

The competition is called Årets Gericke, and is the most prestigious competition among restaurants, and the ne time a year where all the top chefs meet, to compete in a friendly manner.

This year the competition took place in Tivoli Gardens, where the winners were:

Thomas Herman, Nimb for scandinavian crustaceans and bisque with chamomille caviar.

Jonas Christensen, Restaurant 1. th for Corned breast of veal with peas and carrots.

René Redzepi, Noma for dessert Bitter and wild herbs.

Prize for Best wine collection went to Martin Bek of restaurant Formel B
Best service went to restaurant Rudolf Mathis
Best Bistro was restaurant Paustian



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