Manfreds – the “bistro” of Relæ

The unique, simple gourmet restaurant Relæ in Copenhagen has a small brother across the street called Manfreds Mad & Vin (Manfreds food and wine).

Relæ is quite simply designed, but Manfreds is even more simple, and so is the gastronomy. The quality is high, but the prices are very low. The wine list is charming, filled with natural wines at friendly prices.

The kitchen is ruled by Christian Puglisi, it is modern, sharp and delicious with a minimum of fuss. For example Codfish with lemon and sour cream mixed with crunchy cubes of bread. Pan fried oniens with lentils, kohlrabi with lamb jus, mashed potatoes with soft boiled egg.

Vegetables play a key role, new nordic kitchen has an influence but there is no chauvinism, so you can have your olive oil in this charming underground eatery.

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