New old school french in Copenhagen

Chef Rasmus Oubæk has opened a new restaurant with focus on the classic french cuisine. After a few years helping to establish the gourmet steak house MASH, he has now returned to his roots, which are 100 pct. french. Through the years he has struggled, establishing one gourmet restaurant in his home region Sønderjylland, which wouldn’t fly, as the locals did not appreciate his fine cuisine.

Later he came to Copenhagen and opened a new restaurant, which was awarded a Michelin star. But the customers didn’t show up in large enough numbers, so Rasmus Oubæk closed the gourmet restaurant and established a bistro.
This was 2006 and i think this was the spark that ignited the wave of new bistros in Denmark, focusing on boeuf bearnaise etcetera.

This was not what Rasmus wanted to be famous for, he prefers to cook “real food” as he puts it. So he wanted to open a steak house to lure the beefeaters away from his bistro. This is how he got involved with MASH. But he got tired of the beef focus, and thats why he opened the restaurant Retour. He has partnered with one of Denmarks most talented waiters, Jesper Marcussen, and together they form a great team in the small restaurant that is completely down to earth. No snobbism is to be found, and although the service is efficient, it is not trying to matche the idea of fine dining.

The food is great, you will find many french classics and some italian too. Most of the wines are natural, and they are reasonably priced, just like the food.

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