Gustavs: French bistro based on local sustainable produce and natural wines

I like this new place, Gustavs Bistro & Butik. It seems very honest in its approach to serve serve natural high quality food and wine as directly from the source as possible.

The owner, Gustav Vilholm (right), has been co-owner of a michelin starred place previously, but he has no ambitions in that direction now. In stead he – and his chef – cooks the food he likes, and this seems to be a very clean, rather lean type of cuisine. But not so lean, that you are deprived of a nice slab of herb butter with your steak!

Gustav works with local suppliers, convinces some to raise chickens free range, buys whole cows from others but is no fanatic. Thus, you can find beautiful french cheeses – and wines – in his charmingly simple and noisy bistro.