Funky asian fusion at Chai Wong

Copenhagens restaurant Kiin Kiin is the only thai restaurant awarded with a Michelin star. The pople behind Kiin Kiin also runs the much cheaper and simpler The Rice Market, which is a notch up from the standard chinese restaurant-type place. They also run the chinese inspired restaurant Dim Sum in Copenhagen, and the very fine Sra Bua in Bangkok.

The groups latest addition is Chai Wong, a place stylistically and gastronomically in between Kiin Kiin and Rice Market. The kitchen is a fusion of several asian styles; thai, chinese, singapore etc. The ambiance is funky, music is rather loud and cocktails are shaken at regular intervals. You can sit at the small tables or lie in the small beds “opium den style”.

Wine list is impressing and finely tuned to the asian cuisine, and Chai Wong is a great place to go if you have a taste for the asian cuisine, but wont settle for the usual chinese restaurants.

I think Chai Wong and Kiin Kiin is the best of the groups places to visit, when in Copenhagen.

Chai Wong

Thorvaldsensvej 2
1879 Frederiksberg C