Danish classics taken to new heights by Kokkeriet

Kokkeriet means something like “The cookery,” and it is the name of a small, young michelinstarred restaurant in Copenhagen.

It started out as a modern concept some 20 years ago, but was later taken over by the current owners who have tried various routes along the way. The star has been hanging there since 2007 and the gastronomy has been refined, just as the service. It is a formal restaurant, but with a friendly athmosphere.

The new thing about Kokkeriet is its focus on modern versions of classic danish recipes for everyday food. Chef Thomas Herman started this movement some years back, but seemed to stray from it again. You can say, that Kokkeriet has taken up where Thomas Herman left, and they are doing a great job. That’s why I gave them a 6 star rating in the food segment, in my recent review in Børsen.

Slideshow with snapshots from my visit to Kokkeriet: