Søllerød Kro – The elegant country inn

Just reviewed Søllerød Kro (again). An amazing place, founded in 1677 and comparable to a museum, but also one of Denmarks best restaurants, bearing a Michelin star.

The service is perfect, the tone being formal but friendly. Restaurant manager Jan Restorff is one of the countrys best waiters and a fantastic host. His team is also very gifted, and I think you will not find better service in Denmark.

Jan Restorff

The food is a combination of classic french cuisine with modern elements, and the quality is very high. Recently chef Jacob de Neergaard left the kitchen of Søllerød, and I think the quality has dropped a bit. The food is still great, but it lacks a little of the shine and extravagancy it had during Neergaards reign.

But never the less, Søllerød Kro is a fantastic restaurant, and truly unique in it’s combination of fine dining, quaint country inn and excellent service.

The wine list is one of the finest in Denmark. Classic wines dominate, and you can find fantastic wines at high prices as well as more humble bottles at moderate prices.

Slideshow from my dinner at Søllerød Kro, january 2011.
Link to my review in Børsen: