Will Noma get the third star?

Rene Redzepi

On wednesday 14th march, the 2012 Michelin guide will be presented. The very big question is, if Noma will receive the third star.
In my opinion, there should be no doubt. If I compare my experiences at 3 star restaurants around the world, none of them outshines the gastronomy of Noma. I can mention several that are hopelessly behind Noma, but I would rather mention one, that is very close when it comes to feeling: L’Arpege. However, René Redzepi and Co. are delivering a dining experience that is even greater than that.


I have followed Noma since the opening. I have the honour of being the first to review the restaurant, and I found the food great, right from the beginning.
During the years I have not always felt, that this should be a 3 Michelin star restaurant, but now, there is no doubt. And if Michelin does not award the third star, the guide is pouring gasoline of the fire that has burned for some years, after the infamous review of a restaurant that had not yet opened.

But I believe that Michelin has made progress lately, and that the guide will stay on top, as the most prestigious, trustworthy restaurant guide in the world.

Here’s a few shaky slides from my recent dinner at Noma:

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