New michelinstars in Copenhagen

Noma did not get their third star. I dont get it, and Michelin certainly does not either. I can no longer regard the guide as the most serious gastronomic lighthouse, since this is clearly a statement saying that no matter what 50 Best says, Michelin makes up their own mind. Which they should! But come on, Noma is clearly on top of the game, much better than for example Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire in Paris.

On the other hand, thumbs up for rewarding Relæ. I suggested last year, that they should have a star. And Rasmus Grønbech absolutely deserves his, I think it needed a change in i spectors/editor to reward this many-times-neglected gastronome.

The 1 stars:

New: Geranium, Grønbech & Churchill, Relæ , Den Røde Cottage.

The old ones: AOC, Herman, Kokkeriet, Era Ora, Formel B, Kiin Kiin, Kong Hans Kælder og Søllerød Kro.

Bib Gourmand: Marv & Ben (new), Orangeriet, Enomania, Mêlée, Søren K, Skovshoved, Famo, Frederiks Have, Kanalen, Kødbyens Fiskebar, L’Altro and Le Sommelier.

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