Mads Refslund in New York

Danish chef Mads Refslund has had a successful debut in New York, where he has been a consultant to restaurant ACME’s new kitchen style, and since january held the position as chef de cuisine.

In the american press he is widely described as “Noma co-founder” and he definetely was Rene Redzepis co-chef de cuisine. But Mads left Noma after a few months, and gives Redzepi the full honour of creating the success Noma has had.

He later created his own restaurant, called MR and gaining a Michelin star. It was a wonderful place, that I reviewed to the highest points. What he is doing today at ACME is not at the same level as what he did at Noma or restaurant MR.

I find the style at ACME much more rustic, the attention to details less and the quality of produce lower. But again, ACME is not a fine dining venue, and the food styles identity, is no doubt typical for Mads Refslund.

I enjoyed seeing this relaxed side of Mads, but look forward to seeing him back in the haute cuisine game sometime in the future, as his talent is very rare and deserves a finer canvas than ACME.

My snapshots from the dinner:


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