Noma did it again

Well, it isn’t news anymore. I reported live on my Facebook profile, from The Guild Hall in London. It was irritating to know, that the result had been leaked, but I chose to go with the flow from stage, and report as things progressed.

And what a flow. During the day tensions was high. Would Noma do it again? At five I walked around to check out the name tags on chairs. I saw ten seats reserved for Noma, and reckoned this was a good sign. I saw one seat at the very front, reserved for Grant Achatz of Alinea. I was afraid Alinea might climb up and push my countrymen aside.

First people gathered in the courtyard. Then they went for drinks and snacks, before going to the hall for the prize ceremony. And then there were more drinks downstairs.

As we all know, Noma won again and so Denmark is secured a lot of gastronomic attention for at least another year. So it is up to newcomers Relæ and Geranium to start carrying the weight, and help promote danish gastronomy. As jurymember of 50 Best I voted for them both, and I believe they will keep climbing.

Especially Geranium has a potential to greatness, I was reminded the other day as I lunched there. What a restaurant! Since my last visit – which was great – things have improved dramatically. Will have to get a table at Relæ soon, they surely rock.

Here’s a few snapshots of the movers and shakers from the happy evening.

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