The true taste of Bornholm

Organic oxcheek with sauce made from lemon verbena, lettuce and peas.

Restaurant Koefoed on Bornholm island does a fantastic job, when it comes to serving new nordic inspired – very delicious – locally sourced food.

It is a new branch of the Copenhagen based Restaurant Koefoed, known for it’s heavy use of high quality ingredients from Bornholm from flour to butter, fish, beef, herbs, beer and more.

Chef Magnusson.

Chef is Mads Magnusson, a very talented and experienced cook, who has been around for a while, but haven’t yet received the attention he deserves, for his very fine gastronomy.

Service and wine list are also a pleasure, as is the location, right on the beach.

Slideshow from my day at Kofoed in august 2012