Cry ‘Bon appetit!’, and let slip the dogs of higher taste

Winnerdog 2009: Langoustine and turbot sausage with caviar and oyster, served in a brioche bun. Made by chef Wassim Hallal of restaurant Frederikshøj in Aarhus.



On september 8th the Danish Hotdog Championships are taking place at Food Festival in Aarhus.

Since 2009 Denmark has had a yearly competition for the countrys best Hotdog. Participants are some of the leading gourmet chefs and traditional “pølsemænd” – the name for street vendors selling hotodogs from small, often movable stalls.

Warm sausages for sale from street vendor

Denmark has an old tradition for the sale and consumption of hotdogs and sausages in the street. It was never a gourmet treat, and when foreign fare like pizza, shawarmas and upscale sandwiches started hitting the country in 1970’es, the fall of the dog commenced.

Today there is only a fraction of the traditional street vendors left, and most of them are serving a mediocre product. But some are moving in another direction, offering hotdogs of a very high quality.

They are competing in the traditional category, while the gourmet chefs have their own gourmet category.

Facebook pages of Hotdog championships:

Slideshow from competition 2009


DSC_9419 DSC_9444 DSC_9450 DSC_9464 DSC_9469 DSC_9492 Hotdog01 Hotdog04 Hotdog05 Hotdog08 hotdogdag hotdogkongen Johnny Pølsemands røde bidrag var et stort hit hos de små Konkurrencens måske mest imponerende koncept kom fra Rasmus Kjær NimbHotdog Paul Cunningham vandt med en japansk inspireret hotdog Rasmus Kjær Thomas Pasfall scorede højt på såvel point som hvad indsamling angik Wassim Hallal vandt prisen for mest kreative komposition




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