Avantgarde chef Thorsten Schmidt at low cost

Chef Thorsten Schmidt and spouse Rikke Malling has had several years of success with their new nordic oriented restaurant Malling & Schmidt in Aarhus, Denmarks second city.


They had a humble beginning, and climbed the latter to become one of the countrys most respected nordic oriented gourmet restaurants. When they took the big step to move their restaurant to more pompous surroundings they realised, that the economy was not tuned to the project, and sadly they had to close.


But now the villa where the restaurant moved, has opened once more. Wednesday-saturday you can have a teriffic 5 course meal here with accompanying wines ad libitum for 600 kr. (app. 100 USD). Everybody eats at the same time, you arrive 18.30 and lights are out and doors locked 21.30.

Snapshots from my dinner at Villa Dining

You can find the full review with sharp photos at: borsen.dk/nyheder/avisen/artikel/11/46929/artikel.html?hl=TWFsbGluZw,,

Thorsten Schmidt planning the
next Villa Supreme dinner

The quality is very high, but the style not anyway ad elaborate as you would expect from Thorsten Schmidt. However, his usual style can be experienced the first saturday of every month, when he flashes the Villa Supreme concept. This is a full throttle all night tour de force for 14-18 guests. Villa Dining is located in Aarhus, www.villadining.dk   malling schmidt bog


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