Chefs gave me heads

For some strange reason, I was served heads at three different restaurants within one week. Never happened before, and it was an enrichening experience.

I met head no. 1 at Noma. It had belonged to a fish, and contained a juicyness and concentrated taste, from the cheeks to the eyes. Wonderful to see this part of the fish elevated to a true delicacy. Very sustainable, and tasty too.



Eye to eye..

Head No. 2 approached me at Bror restaurant, opened by two ex-Noma chefs Sam and Victor. They run a very cosy, small restaurant with Noma influenced food and their own style steadily growing..


As if one head per head at dinner was not enough, Bror chefs thought I could stomach one more. What a treat, lots of clean taste in the very tender, juicy meat from the cheeks. I even ate the eye, and wished I had had an icelandic aquavit, which I believe should go with every head of lamb. The gelatinous texture is challenging.



Bror chefs, thinking it funny to scare customers with lamb heads.

Head No. 4 I expected ever as little as the Monty Pythonians expected the Spanish inquisition. I was sitting at my favourite french bistro, a place I do not frequent to be challenged, but to be soothed. But this time, chef Thøstesen at Bistro Boheme managed to surprise me.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChef Per Thøstesen (in the background..)

By the way, if you are in Scandinavia, head to Copenhagen on friday, as the food festival Copenhagen Cooking is on 23/8-1/9.

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  1. wow, the lamb looks a bit challenging. I have a booking at bror next week, I’m scared! 😉

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