Geranium The Great

I have had the pleasure of dining at Copenhagen restaurant Geranium many times, and followed both owners, Rasmus Kofoed and Søren Ledet in their careers, that have been a steady climb to the top.

Rasmus Kofoed has won bronze, silver and then gold in the Bocuse d’Or. Søren Ledet started out as chef and won the danish championships, but slowly drifted in the direction of the dining room, where he is now restaurant manager. Along this route he won the european championship for waiters, Coupe Baptiste, and placed second in the World championships.

These guys are the champions, my friend. And they run a restaurant in the champion league, fully deserving their two Michelin stars and the placement on the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants list. Expect them to rise even further.

I did a slideshow with pictures from my latest dinner at Geranium, you can watch it here.

geranium ret1 (33)

geranium ret1 (42)

geranium ret1 (1)geranium ret1 (36)

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  1. douat says:

    hello, i m a french journalist, i m planning to come to Copenhaguen pretty soon and i need to contact a food critic. Can you e mail me please :

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