Kul is fired and ready to go

Kul restaurant in Kødbyen (Meatpacking District) has taken its name from the coal used to fire the Joaper oven and the Yakitori grill, the main tools of the kitchen. “Kul” could be pronounced “cool” and cool the place is, including the tunes and decor. Comfortable it is not, but that is not the intention either.

The owners are brillant chefs Henrik Jyrk and Christian Mortensen, who earned their stripes as chefs with Paul Cunningham at the michelin starred The Paul in Tivoli.

The food draws on inspiration from many parts of the world, and as the name implies, it is prepared by fire – not vacuum and roner.


Secreto under pineapple.









Sweetbreads and butternut squash.
Dr. Jyrk on fire.
Wonderful grilled limande.

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  1. I’m sooo ready to go!!

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