Madklubben Bellevue

New addition to the small but fast growing chain Madklubben (the food club). It is hard to categorize this restaurant, as the food style strays from nordic to classic french and something in between.

This is a very relaxed eatery leaning towards the bistro concept. Service is minimized but friendly and relatively efficient. Food is good, I experienced minor flaws in quality, but compared to the very reasonable price level you are well off with Madklubben Bellevue. This goes for the food as well as the small but well composed winelist.

Situated in Klampenborg outside Copenhagen but easy to reach by train, it takes around 15 minutes from the central station. A good combination if you wish to visit the Dyrehaven park and amusement park Bakken, a place I must insist you do not eat anything but ice-cream.


P1310034 P1310025 P1310023 P1310021 P1310017 P1310014 P1310013 P1310011 P1310007 P1310005 P1310003 P1310004

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