The danish stars 2014

The Meteor Shower is over for now. I had expected, that the guide would finally coronate a couple of 3 Star places. They did not, even though Michael Ellis, Michelin Guide CEO, seemed extremely happy about the situation in Copenhagen.

“Exciting things are going to happen tomorrow,” said Michael Ellis during our dinner at Ekstedt restaurant, the night before the press conference. I seriously considered writing on my Facebook profile, that Nomas 3rd star seemed secured.

michelin man sparker

Luckily I did not, as Noma is still a 2 star restaurant, and to cut Ellis’ message short, this is due to the fact that not every single Noma dish is of a 3 star quality. For a true foodie, I think this is irrelevant. Eating at Noma is a fantastic experience, that outshines several 3 star restaurants I know. But if people expect to get the “usuaual 3 star experience” they may be disappointed, and this is Michelins point.

Kong Hans lost their star of 31 years! What a blow. I believe it is due to the fact that chef Thomas Rode seemed to have lost his focus on the restaurant, making a name for himself as a health superman in stead. But I haven’t eaten at Kong Hans for a long time, so I may be wrong. ANd my bet is, that The king is back in 2015.

I totally agree on the new 3 Star establishments, and have reviewed them all enthusiastically, you can read about them on this blog and in Børsen newspaper.

I do not understand, why Alberto K did not get the star. Beginning to wonder, if the inspectors suffers from acrophobia, since Alberto K is situated in one of Copenhagens tallest buildings. This must be the case, as everything else points at a star to chef Jeppe Foldager and team.

2 Stars

1 Star
Den Røde Cottage
Era Ora
Formel B
Grønbech & Churchill
Kiin Kiin
Søllerød Kro

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