Not so MAD

MAD4 Symposium once again made Copenhagen the meeting place for hundreds of influential chefs from all over the world. It is truly fantastic, that Redzepi and the Noma crew have managed to build this event.

However there were fewer stars than earlier, and not so many inspiring talks as seen before. Maybe a little too much retrospect.

But it was a success, very well summed up by by Allan Jenkins of The Guardian:

“Where else but MAD will you get to hear a supersmart Moma, New York, curator, a near legendary founder of Nouvelle Cuisine and a passionate plant activist encouraging the overwhelmingly white audience to “raise their hands, don’t shoot’ and grow sunflowers on urban open space? The catering’s done by Amazonian social entrepeneurs one day and the world’s hippest street truck the next, all washed down by bottles of bespoke Mikeller beers. As a “friend of Denmark” with a summerhouse in Ebeltoft, still slightly disturbed by eating a live langoustine last week at Noma and the Danish cult for natural wine, I feel like an outsider in your country sometimes but that is why MAD works for me, a circus tent of insider outsiders can be a good place to listen and learn. “


Rene Redzepi and ten young chefs who were invited via the MAD Grant, sponsored by Carlsberg Bequest.
David Chang was behind Redzepi and MAD in 2013 as co-curator.
Wisdom of the elders featuring Fulvio Pierangelini. He made a nice point about concentrating on your work and not trying to be too creative, if you do not master the basics. He said something along the lines of; the world needs a perfect schnitzel more, than it needs yet another halfhearted “creative” dish.
Co curator Alex Atala watching co curator Alex Atala. ((He is curled up behind the small pine tree.)
If you put lemon on the fish I’ll beat you up. No, he did not say that, Rorion Gracie, but he did advice not to mix lemon and fish, just as he said desserts after dinner was unhealthy. Huh? Startled a desert chef or two. He made a nice point about body awareness by asking, if you deal with a red lamp blinking on the cars dashboard, by covering it with a bandaid. No, you take it to the shop. But many people reacts to a hearburn by eating an acid neutralizer, in stead of finding out what causes the surplus acid.
Pierre Koffman spontaneously arranged a deboning contest, a challenge which Redzepi happily accepted.
As per tradition some of the leading baristas was there, pouring great coffee in many shades.
“Beautiful people eat ugly fruit,” was the headline for Isabel Soares speech. She has started an initiative, Fruita Feia, that buys the fruits and vegetables that farmers throw away because of it not looking “beautiful” or “perfect” and sell it to consumers who doesnt mind the look but only look at the quality.
Coi’s Daniel Patterson and Kogi’s Roy Choi plans to open a chain of healthy fastfood restaurants called loco’l. It will be tasty and healthy is the promise.

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