No 2. Gourmet food at low prices

No. 2 is called a luxury bistro by the owners, who also run the Michelin starred restaurant AOC. This cheaper sister restaurant delivers food at the same quality level,  in versions that are a little more simple and lacks some of the luxury you will find at AOC. But the prices reflects this, and if you can do without the table cloth and don’t mind sitting at small tables, close to other guests, this place is a steal.

Great food, great wine, good service and a nice view the the canals and harbour.

Photos below is by Jeppe Carlsen, and the review can be read in Børsen.


restaurant_NO2_001 restaurant_NO2_003 restaurant_NO2_012 restaurant_NO2_015 restaurant_NO2_017 restaurant_NO2_022 restaurant_NO2_024 restaurant_NO2_025 restaurant_NO2_033 restaurant_NO2_038 restaurant_NO2_044 restaurant_NO2_046 restaurant_NO2_054 restaurant_NO2_069 restaurant_NO2_071 restaurant_NO2_072 restaurant_NO2_073 restaurant_NO2_075 restaurant_NO2_076 restaurant_NO2_077 restaurant_NO2_078 restaurant_NO2_079 restaurant_NO2_080 restaurant_NO2_081 restaurant_NO2_083 restaurant_NO2_084 restaurant_NO2_085 restaurant_NO2_086 restaurant_NO2_088 restaurant_NO2_089

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