Sneak preview of Noma’s new bistro

108 is the name of the restaurant Noma will open this year, offering a more simple dining experience at lower prices than we know from Noma. While the Noma crew is popping up in Australia, the 108 crew is popping up at restaurant Noma until mid april.

They opened yesterday, and I visited the place, curious to know what was going on.

20160120_173510To make sure people realize that Noma is not Noma during this pop up, a neon sign has been placed outside the entrance.


OLE_7487Just like with Noma, the seats were sold out instantly, as 108 opened for reservations. Never the less, the people in this picture are walk-ins, as this table is reserved for walk-ins.

The elegant furniture has been removed and replaced with simple garden/picnic benches, but the furs have been left behind, so there is a bit of comfort in this context. The atmosphere is 100 pct. Noma, but a bit more relaxed with loud music playing and not so many waiters to look after you.

OLE_7494There’s fresh cutlery for each course, but you help yourself from the set waiting at your space at the table. The napkin is made of cloth which together with the supply of fresh cutlery signals, that this may be a relaxed place, but still with some level of sophistication.

OLE_7506Delicious Noma style bread hits the table immediately, together with butter of high quality.

OLE_7512Romaine lettuce with an oyster marinade. I’m allergic to oysters, but my companion described the dish as very light and fresh.

OLE_7513Paper thin octopus with silky texture and fresh taste in a bouillon with taste of bacon, bits of salted plum and a bit of greens. Very satisfying.

OLE_7519Looks a bit like the Noma classic, æbleskive with fish, but these æbleskiver are smaller, and filled with delicious braised oxtail meat. Topped with pine and coriander seed.

OLE_7523Continuing in the tail division this is meat from pigtails, fried on the pan resulting in a delicious crust and a very moist, quite fatty inside. Roasted brussel sprouts played against the fattiness in a good way.

OLE_7528Cauliflower and fresh black truffles in this crunchy pie topped with lettuce.

OLE_7527Extremely delicious pork. Look at those stripes form the grill! The meat was pink and the taste fresh and clean, juicy and tender. The sauce had a very concentrated taste, far from what we have become accustomed to at this address.

OLE_7534Icecream with rausu-kombu and oil from black currant.

OLE_7539 (1)

The man Baumann, head chef at 108, former chef at Noma and head chef at restaurant Kristian Baumann seems to fit perfectly into this restaurant, which in turn fits perfectly into our time, where more and more restaurant guests are looking for inventive high quality food like before, but at a lower price point. They get it.


108 website


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