Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen

Food Trucks are a novelty in Denmark, and Copenhagen Street Food is a venue of this sort, only many of the vendors are not inside trucks, but containers. However the Food Truck feel is there, and you will find many inspired vendors, doing their best to cook something nice, different, authentic. Sometimes only one of these factors are present, in some cases all three are. … Læs mere Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen

A look inside the Nordic Chefs Summit 2014

The Big 5: René Redzepi, Rasmus Kofoed, Esben Holmboe Bang, Bjørn Franzen og Christian Puglisi. Got together for a summit in Oslo monday evening. It was a blast. The pictures below are out of chronological order, starting with the last shot. Embarrased to say, I do not know how to sort this out, but I will post a slideshow soon, running from proper start to … Læs mere A look inside the Nordic Chefs Summit 2014

The danish stars 2014

The Meteor Shower is over for now. I had expected, that the guide would finally coronate a couple of 3 Star places. They did not, even though Michael Ellis, Michelin Guide CEO, seemed extremely happy about the situation in Copenhagen. “Exciting things are going to happen tomorrow,” said Michael Ellis during our dinner at Ekstedt restaurant, the night before the press conference. I seriously considered … Læs mere The danish stars 2014

Denmarks biggest cooking competition

Right now four danish chefs are competing to win the purse og 40.000 dkk which goes to number one in the competition Sol over Gudhjem. The competition takes place on Bornholm island and promotes local produce. Competing chefs: Nicolai Nørregaard (Kadeau) Mads Battelfeld (Henne Kirkeby Kro) Jonas Mikkelsen (Hotel Frederiksminde) Kenneth Hansen (Svinkløv Badehotel) Læs mere Denmarks biggest cooking competition

Video: Geranium crew receives good Michelin-news

Restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen has received it’s well deserved second star. The restaurant is run på champions, chef Rasmus Kofoed has won gold, silver and bronze in the Bocuse d’Or and restaurant manager Søren Ledet has won the european championship for waiters, Coupe Georges Baptiste. This will not end at 2 stars, just wait. Danish tv-station DR was waiting, when the call came, announcing the … Læs mere Video: Geranium crew receives good Michelin-news

Hot news from Kadeau

Kadeau restaurant (first praised by yours truly in 2011 via this slideshow a year ago here: received a Michelin star today, and I visited them yesterday to congratulate. How did I know? Well, I didn’t, but had this premonition, and therefore booked a table and enjoyed the most wonderful bornholmerbank, which I will describe shortly in the review in Børsen newspaper. Untill then, let me … Læs mere Hot news from Kadeau